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S. No Generic Name Composition
1 RABEPRAZOLE & SODIUM BICARBONATE SACHET Each Sachet contains: Rabeprazole Sodium i.p--- 20mg Sodium Bicarbonate i.--- 1680mg Excipients--q.s
2 OMEPRAZOLE & SODIUM BICARBONATE SACHET Each sachet contains: Omeprazole ip--- 20 mg Sodium Bicarbonate i.p--- 1680 mg
3 L-ARGININE & PROATHOCYANDIN GRANULES Each sachet (6.5 g) contains: L-Arginine i.p---3 g Pronathocynidin---75 mg Excipients--q.s Colour: Sunset yellow fcf
4 L-GLUTATHIMINE ORAL POWDER Each sachet (15 g) contains: L-Glutamine u.s.p---10 mg Excipients--q.s
5 ALPHA KETOANALOGUE SACHET Each sachet contains : Calcium -3-methyl-2-oxo-valerate ---201 mg (α-ketoanalogue to isoleucine, Calcium salt) Calcium-4-methyl-2-oxo-valerate--303 mg (α-ketoanalogue to leucine, Calcium salt) Calcium-2-oxo-3-phenylpropionate---204 mg (α-ketoanalogue to phenylalanine, Calcium salt) Calcium -3-methyl-2-oxo-butyrate--- 258 mg (α-ketoanalogue to valine, Calcium salt) Calcium –Dl-2-Hydroxy -4(Methylthio) Butyrate---177 mg (α-hydroxyanalogue to methionine, Calcium salt) L-Lysine Acetate U.S.P.--- 315 mg (Eq. to L-Lysine 225 mg) L-Threonine U.S.P.---159 mg L-Tryptophan U.S.P---69 mg L- Histidine U.S.P.---114 mg L-Tyrosine U.S.P. ---90 mg Total nitrogen content per tablet ---36 mg Calcium content per tablet ---3.75 mmol=0.15 g Excipients ---q.s. Colour : Titanium Dioxide I.P. Appropriate overages added to compensate for loss on storages Approved flavours used
6 CALCIUM POLYSTYRENE SULPHONATE POWDER SACHET Each sache t contains: Calcium Polystyrene sulphonate bp---15 g Excipients--q.s
7 SODIUM ACID PHOSPHATE GRANUELS Each sachet contains: Sodium acid phosphate anhydrous---1.936 g Providing elemental phosphorus 500 mg (16.1 mmol phosphate) Excipients--q.s Colour: Sunset yellow fef
8 SODIUM BICARBONATE GRANUELS SCHET Each sachet contains: Sodium bicarbonate i.p---2000 mg Excipients--q.s Colour: Titanium dioxide i.p
9 FOSFOMYCIN TROMETAMOL POWDER Each Sachet Contains: Fosfomycin Tromrtamol bp equivalent to fosfomycin-- 3.0 gm Excipients -- q.s
10 CHOLECALCIFEROL GRANULES 60,000 IU/GM Each sachet of 1 gm contains: Cholecalciferol i.p---60000 i.u Excipients--q.s (Approprate overages added)
11 L-ORNITHINE L-ASPARATE POWDER Each Sachet Contains: L-Ornithine L-Asparate--- 3mg As a flavoured base Excipients: q.s Colour: Approved colour used
12 SODIUM BICARBONATE POWDER Each sachet contains: Sodium Bicarbonate I.P---1000 mg Excipients---q.s Colour: Approved colours used.
13 L-ARGININE POWDER Each sachet (5gm) contains: L-Arginine I.P---3 gm Colour: Approved colour used.
14 FOLIC ACID, METHYLCOBALAMIN & ZINC POWDER Each sachet contains: Folic Acid I.P---1.5 mg Methylcobalamin JP---1500 mcg Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate I.P eq. to Elemental Zinc---4 mg Excipients--q.s Colour: Approved colour used.
15 SEVELAMER CARBONATE SACHET 400 MG Each Sachet Contains: Sevelamer Carbonate---400 mg Excipients---q.s
16 SEVELAMER CARBONATE SACHET 800 MG Each Sachet Contains: Sevelamer Carbonate---800 mg Excipients---q.s

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